Green Data CentRE

Australian regulations, increasing energy costs and continuing need to expand IT infrastructure all put pressure on businesses to deliver better energy efficiencies in the data centre. Delivering the green data centre requires a holistic approach that encompasses everything from location to how cables are bundled. Westcon Group understands these complex needs and has partnered with vendors that can help you demystify the green data centre for your customers.

We can provide you with a range of services and solutions that will help you stamp your green credentials on your business including:

  • Assessing the thermal profile of customers’ data centres determining “hot spots” and energy inefficiencies
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions to help your customers understand the energy usage profile of their businesses
  • Virtualisation frameworks helping to significantly reduce the need for expensive hardware implementations and optimising high density computing solutions
  • Thermally efficient racking, cable management and ducting systems

In helping your customers manage their energy needs you will enable them to save money and, in the case of larger customers, enable them to meet and exceed government standards. This in turn can enhance your reputation as a trusted partner. If you’re interested in helping your customers meet their green data centre objectives call us today and find out how we can help enable you.





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