To create a program that consistently provides partners with tactical and strategic advantages and assist them with delivering the right input and outcomes in the marketplace.


As CIA Operatives our mission is to learn from our collective market intelligence, intelligence that we have obtained from a collaborative task force methodology. As operatives we are committed to taking direction from our Chief Commanders Cisco and NetApp ensuring we safeguard the intelligence and superior technological advantage that keep’s our customers secure and loyal.


The agents of the CIA have a set sum of principles that they must uphold during the duration of the program. CIA ethos has many dimensions, including:


Service. We put our customers first, Agency before unit, and mission before self. We take pride in being diverse, inclusive, agile, responsive, and consequential.

Integrity. We uphold the highest standards. We are truthful and forthright, and we provide information and analysis of the highest calibre. We maintain our customers trust through accountability and oversight.

Excellence. We bring the best of our diverse backgrounds and expertise to everything we do. We are self-aware, reflecting on our performance and learning from it. We strive to give all agents the tools, experiences, and leadership they need to excel.


Courage. We accomplish difficult, high-stakes, order management. In executing order management, we carefully manage risk but we do not shy away from it

Teamwork. We stand by and behind one another. Collaboration, both internal and external, underpins our best outcomes. Diversity and inclusion are mission imperatives.

Stewardship. We preserve our ability to obtain secrets by protecting sources and methods from the moment we enter on duty until order completion


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